Video Surveillance &

Monitoring Services

Keeping vigil over your property and loved ones is now
easy and accessible

VIGIL specializes in systems and services for the surveillanceprotection and management of your households and businesses.

Why should I install a security camera system ?

The presence of video security cameras may decrease the chances of intrusion into your home and property. It may also act as a loss prevention system during the operational hours of your business.

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Security Solutions

Monitor the areas that matter most to you. Upon motion detection, the system directly starts recording and stores the video in a secure place for you to view at any time.

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Protect what is most important 


Your home, family and goods need to be taken care of and protected in the best possible way. VigilZone’s products brings you exactly there!
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As a decision maker in business, you are interested in products that help you increase your company’s productivity. VigilZone products help you reduce theft and to improve your business processes.
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VIGILZone is proud to offer you free unlimited consultation to setup your video surveillance configuration.

We have experts standing by to answer all your security camera system needs. Contact us to get more information and a free demo at your home or office.