Video Surveillance


VigilZone's product portfolio always incorporates the latest and best of breed video surveillance features available on the market. In that way, advanced features, that are mostly accessible to  corporate customer’s only, become available through VigilZone.

At work you can keep an eye on the cash register, monitor stock rooms, entrances and parking lots. At home you can keep vigil over sleeping or playing children, see who is at the entrance before opening the door, monitor the outdoor premises and protect your home from trespassers and burglars.

Keeping vigil over your property and loved ones is now easy and accessible.

The main features of our video surveillance systems are:

  • Access to the application from anywhere and with all devices
    All our products are accessible from the World Wide Web. All types of devices supported: may it be PC’s, Tablets, all main types of mobile phones (see mobility). Native browser access is supported for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
  • Viewing live streams
    all cameras, may it be on a single or multiple sites, can be accessed as a live stream. This can be done from all platforms that have browser capabilities. We also have apps available on app stores or markets. Viewing multiple cameras in parallel (“Montage” views, “Cycle” views) is automatically included.
  • Launch events based on multiple citerias
    Based on your needs, the implementation phase foresees an adjustment of the criterias when cameras should start registering and evt. launch notifications. Per camera stream, we can define multiple criterias: field of alarm, sensibilities, sizes and types of objects to detect, schedules during which the detection should be active and others. The goal is to launch events when really something happens. And therefore you need a sophistcated detection process that is adjusted by a competent team like Vigil’s.
  • Be notified in case of events
    In case of an event, notifications via SMS or e-mails can be launched. To avoid unneeded notifications, several criterias can determine wether you want to be notified or not: schedule, location of camera and many other parameters. Once a notification received, you can look at the alarmed picture and launch your alarm system remotely or call a third party for a local intervention.
  • It’s all digital !
    Vigil’s strategy is to fully set on digital technologies, and on pure IP (Internet Protocol) networks. This has lots of advantages for the customer and our operational costs:
    • The digital picture is far superior to the old analog video and carries a lot more detail.
    • Digital files can be compressed and saved much easier, taking up lots less space.
    • You can still record the video if you wish, but unlike recording to tape the video output will not degrade over time as it is replayed over and over again. Digital information replays exactly the same no matter how often it is played.





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