The VIGILZone System is made to work with mobile devices - you don't need to set up an extra computer, add settings to your router, or upload images to a server. If you have a VIGILZone System installed, you can watch it using your smartphone right now! Our mobility support gives you access to ALL the features on your mobile phone or tablet than you have on your PC at home.

The VIGILZone platform allows for remote viewing from an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad as well as other smartphones like Android or Blackberry devices. For individuals who are on the go, it is generally more beneficial to be able to remotely view your security cameras from your smart phone. The system will allow remote viewing both from 3G as well as WiFi connections.

  • Connect to and view live stream video from your cameras
  • Take snapshot photos using your security cameras
  • Share photos with friends on facebook, twitter, and via email


Get motion alerts while on the go !

Worried while you're away? VIGILZone provides peace of mind by notifying you when there's motion. Get an email or Sms push notification with a picture of the event. And, if you want,  only if your alarm system is armed!


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