Protect what is most important in your life !

Your home, family and goods need to be taken care of and protected in the best possible way. VigilZone’s products brings you exactly there!

You can use the features and qualities of the newest technologies without bothering of installing or configuring them. In that way, you have the possibility to monitor all assets in your life:

  • Stay connected when away
    VigilZone contains state of the art technologies to access your monitored areas from whereever you are, by using a classic PC, Laptop or Tablet, or by using any web enabled Mobile Phone. Read more
  • Monitoring your house (or even several ones from one place)
    With VigilZone, you can control all events that take place on your property and around the house. From all over the world, by using you webenabled mobile device or any other co puter connected to the Web. And, if you wish so, you can get notifications in case of events, depending on object size, schedule etc. that take place in the monitored areas. These notifications can include an image of the event. Read more
  • Protect your loved ones
    VigilZone’s product shows you what and who is around your house and who enters it. You can see when your child came home from school and when your kids came back from social events at night. All your beloved object (boats, cars, etc.) can also be monitored. Read more
  • Link your existing alarmsystem to VigilZone
    Launch your alarmsystem if there is a video event that looks unusual to you. You can also arm your alarmsystem from your mobile phone or any other computer connected to the web if you forgot to do it when leaving home. Read more
  • Watch the status of doors, windows, temperatures etc.
    once a door (i.e. garage, back door) or window is left open too long, a notification can be sent out! If an important temperature is exceeds the treshholds that you specify, notifications alert you immediately. This guarantees that you control the most important assets in your house and get to know about deviations whereever you are !
  • Home Automation
    just as if you are at home, you can control your lights and other electrical equipment that you desire.


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