Protect what is most important in your business !

As a decision maker in business, you are interested in products that help you increase your company’s productivity. VigilZone products help you reduce theft and to improve your business processes. Here’s what we can do for your business:

  • Have access to parameters or views at your business even when you’re away
    VigilZone contains state of the art technologies to access your monitored areas or other parameters from whereever you are, by using a classic PC, Laptop or Tablet, or by using any web enabled Mobile Phone. Read more
  • Watch your most valuable assets
    May it be cashier’s, expensive stocks, wine caves, company cars, computers, company safes, etc..:  with VigilZone’s products you can monitor these assets around the clock and get notifications just when wrong things happen with them. You can retrace events up to one month back, in case you suspect non desirable events a little bit late. You can also get notifications in case of events just when you desire it (schedule, camera location, object to watch, out of house, etc.). In that way, you won’t get spammed with false alarms, but with the important one’s you need. Read more
  • Monitor KPI’s
    VigilZone’s product suites helps you monitoring your business processes by indicating cycle times, temperature loss, notifying open doors, measuring electricity, gaz or water consumptions. Get notifications when the treshholds go out of bound.
  • Automation
    This feature gives you control on important system status’. Wether lights or relays or other commutable electric modules, VigilZone gives you the ability to control them remotely.
  • Collaboration with your existing alarm system
    You have your own existing Alarm system? No problem. VigilZone smoothly integrates it’s features and can collaborate closely with it. Read more


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