The most advanced features of VIGILZone’s products rely on it’s innovative architecture:

 As represented above, the following blocks build the architecture:

  • Customer’s home
    This can be a single site or a mutlisite customer. In addition to all the terminating equipments (cameras, home automation components,…), that VIGILZone installs and configures for you, there is also another terminating equipment, called “Sbox”. This self assembled computing device gives VIGILZone the possibilties of end-to-end management and other important features which are key to the product characteristics.
  • Datacenter
    All the remaining Hardware of VIGILZone is located in higly secured Datacenters. Here, reliability, redundancy, scalability and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are key factors. Two main parts of VIGILZone are located here:
    • VIGILZone portal: this is the place where the website you’re login to use VIGILZone’s feature sets,
    • Hosted servers: they bring all the computing power and necessary uptimes for a rock solid service delivery.
  • User access
    Users basically always connect to the portal to use VIGILZone’s products. And, the beautyfull aspect of this is that they can do it with almost all existing devices that contain an Internet browsing function:
    • all common types of Web browsers: Internet Exporer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
    • all widely spread Mobile Phones: Iphone, Android phones, Blackberry. We have a specific app for the Iphone on Apple’s AppStore
    • all types of tablets: Ipad, Samsung Galaxy, etc, …

    Finally, every user finds his suited acces method depending on where he is located.




The SBox combines the advantages of online camera security with local storage. The local server records high quality and framerate pictures and communicates with VigilZone Online to make the live streams available on Internet.

How does it work ?

In your home or business we install the IP cameras and our SBox, a local storage server. These cameras and storage server will be connected to your local network. Using any internet browser or smart phone from anywhere in the world you can view live images or local recordings 24/7.

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